St. Tammany real estate transfers for Oct. 3-9, 2018


28th Ave. 627: West 30s Redemption Company LLC to Toni Andress, $100,000.

7th St. 70361: Ann Rose Geiger and James Geiger to MGK4 LLC, $120,000.

Avenue St Germain 1168: Sandy Peters and Christopher Peters to Scott Williams, $382,500.

Cottage Green Lane 214: Tuen Yeung and Mark Yeung to Johannah Marcotte and Suellen Marcotte, $183,900.

Creek Court 1088: DSLD Homes LLC to Brian Cowan, $178,900.

Florida St. 403: Barbara Roussel and Ellis Roussel, Jr. to Jonathan Sessions, $420,000.

Grand Lake Drive 155: Succession of Debra Price to Jean Burton, $260,000.

Highway 1077 70091: Dale Bertucci to Christianne Bean and Spencer Bean, $240,000.

I St. 70299: Lacey Bentley and Joshua Bentley to Aurelie Currenti and Connor Cavalier, $130,000.

Painters Row 17971: KT Maintenance LLC to GSI-CV LLC, $175,000.

Primrose Drive 111: Ruston Williams to Lucia Beaumont and Jeffery Beaumont, $359,900.

Turnwood Drive 412: Lori Mendoza and Richard Mendoza, Jr. to Rebecca Strain and Timothy Strain, $240,000.

Washington Ave. 71475: Linda Usner and Gerard Usner, Jr. to Donna Gomez and Michael Gomez, $100,000.

Winterberry Drive 703: Rhonda Siddiqi and Mohammad Siddiqi to Holly Lighthall and Jonathan Lighthall, $370,000.


Burns Cemetary Road 79171: Dianne Kaack to Laurie Folse and Jon Folse, $139,000.

Neal Cemetary Road 83332: Tiffany Lockhart and Donald Lockhart to Kera Melancon and Dwayne Melancon, $150,000.


Wildberry Court 61300: Denise Maynard and Bryon Maynard to Kristin Smith and Nathan Smith, $329,000.


Evangeline Drive 257: Nancy Weeks to Elizabeth Maddox and Paul Maddox III, $445,000.


Beach Parkway 320: Succession of Anna Pons to Sandra Baskind, $410,000.

Cord St. 69280: Messick Realty Inc. to Diana Boutwell and Tommy Boutwell, $100,439.

Lafitte St. 1126: HSBC Bank USA to Kerry Carrere, $95,051.

McNamara St. 844: Jenkins Homes Inc. to Allison Maudlin and Thomas Maudlin, $352,000.

Mountain Court 3019: Lexicon Government Services LLC to Ashlee Malfatto and Tori Wohlert, $355,000.

Nancy St. 611: Angel Poche and Rene Poche, Sr. to Fiorello Aversa, $150,000.

Rue Weller St. 2255: Howell Developments LLC to Amber Colwart and Timothy Colwart, $204,000.

State St. 1305: Catherine Hawkins and Dwayne Hawkins to Kelley Reichert and Dustin Reichert, $231,250.

Steven St. 2037: Amber Veuleman and Cory Veuleman to Amanda Maduell, $200,000.


Doe Run 294: Sudrey Singletary and Kayla Singletary to Ali Alameri, $22,000.

Lynn Drive 37450: Gayla Armato and Frank Armato to Brittany Breaux and Jarrad Breaux, $188,500.

Setter Lane 112: Heidi Weber and William Weber to Liliana Gauntt and Charles Gauntt, $298,000.


Aberdeen Drive 139: Gerald Cochran, Jr. to Tiffany Temple and Henry Temple, Jr., $300,000.

Brighton Lane 338: Sandy Lotz and Justin Lotz to Charla Spell and Christopher Spell, $263,000.

Constitution Drive 1318: Rosanne Fogg and John Fogg to Edna Legier and Ernest Legier, Sr., $192,000.

Cottonwood Court 114: Rachelle Roberts and Jason Roberts to Sessiley Kinsey and Jarell Kinsey, $200,000.

Darwin Drive 221: Elizabeth House and Brandon House to Dawn Domingo, $158,500.

Driftwood Circle 104: Jennifer Foley and Adam Foley to Kristin Roy and Robert Roy, $173,000.

Eden Isles Blvd. 332: Suzanne Highland and Robert Highland to Brenda Wright and Mark Wright, $242,000.

Hampshire Drive 2040: Glenda Todd and Orlando Todd to Janice Hill and George Hill, Jr., $360,000.

Holmes Drive 312: Heather Grey and Jaden Grey to Jonathan Cagle, $130,000.

Kent St. 3911: Holly Smith to BIB Properties LLC, $134,000.

Kings Row 1903: Zachary Woody to Tiffany Vanburen, $158,000.

Knollwood Lane 387: DSLD Homes LLC to Deaven Bradberry and David Bradbery, Jr., $253,145.

Lakeshore Village Drive 760: D R Horton Inc. to Robert Mayfield, Jr., $232,500.

Maple Ave. 57386: Jennifer Irvin and Richard Irvin to Seletha Martin and Darrius Martin, $145,000.

Meadows Blvd. 237: Carrolle Williams and Jay Williams to Sheneika Francois and Frankie Francois, Jr., $250,000.

Morgan Drive 203: GMFS LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, $138,428.

Queensbury Drive 204: Shelley Becnel and Steven Becnel to Kendall Guste and Wayne Guste, $239,999.

Redbud Drive 424: Lisa Bultman and John Bultman to Rita Hoyng and Brandon Hoyng, $261,500.

Seaspray Drive 211: April Allain, Jullea Couste, and Frank Couste, Jr. to James Brewer, $202,999.

Sunset Drive 130: Lindy Sanders and Keith Sanders to Nicole Ferand, $151,900.

Walnut St. 1142: US Bank National Association to Howard Romagossa, $57,000.

Whitney Drive 611: Bonnie Cavignac and Craig Cavanac to Erin Alexander, $285,500.


Hickory Field Road 32167: Van Sons, Jr. to Juanita Vosbein and Richard Vosbein, $193,500.

Watts-Thomas Road 30242: Sandra Hunt and Lawrence Hunt to Cheryl Rauch and Oliver Rauch III, $20,000.

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